About me

Hi! My named is John Paul Wohlscheid. I’m a big fan of technology. I remember using Windows 3.1.1 when I was younger (pre-teens), which should date me. I wish I could write programs and become fabulously wealthy, but he can barely write basic HTML. In the meantime, I can read and write about technology. I have published several ebooks. You can check out my books on my website. I mainly focus on detective fiction, for now.

What does the name of the site mean?

The name of the website is a mashup of git and Pope Pius XII. I picked this name because I wanted something that would convey my love of technology and Catholicism.

How was this site built?

This site was built using Hugo. This site is hosted on GitLab. You can see the site’s repo here if you are so inclined.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

If you find any of the information on this site interesting, please take a second to send me a buck or two. The content is free, but the other stuff costs money. You can use Paypal.me or Liberapay. My goal is to share part of any money I earn with my favorite open source projects. (More about that in the future.)

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John Paul Wohlscheid
John Paul is a geek who likes to play with Linux and read about the early history of personal computing.